BIG Brother Morgan Taylor


Published: March 2nd 2013

Kindle Edition

21 pages


BIG Brother  by  Morgan Taylor

BIG Brother by Morgan Taylor
March 2nd 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 21 pages | ISBN: | 4.59 Mb

Big Brother-Seth wasnt your typical step-brother... he was kind and caring for his little step-sister Caitlyn ever since their parents got married. The two were almost 8 years apart but it wasnt unusual for Seth to be in Caitlyns room paying dolls with her when she was younger.Seth called Caitlyn his little princess and she felt like one every time they spent time together.

But as they got older she would get jealous of Seths girlfriends and would do anything she could do to get in the middle of them when she caught Seth trying to make out with one of them. Heck she couldnt blame Seth for trying as he was really well built and had all the girls trying to get in his pants.But Caitlyn couldnt stand thinking of Seth in another girls arms... she had other plans and now that she was finally 18 last week she wanted to surprise Seth with a little secret she had been hiding from him the last few years...

a secret that Seth had always suspected but was finally become true for the both of them... a secret of lust and desire that had been building between the both of them that was finally going to boil over once and for all when Caitlyn asked Seth to play Mommy and Daddy one last time...Word count 6000+Story contains scenes of hardcore pseudo incest between step-brother and step-sister.

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